Best Los Willows Estates Wedding Photographer
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Best Los Willows Estates Wedding Photographer

A Bride on a Swing at Los Willows

We love to catch those little, meaningful moments at a wedding, and as the photographers for the day, we dedicate ourselves to doing just that.
This image is from the meadow at Los Willows Wedding Estate, a candid moment that just happened to catch a beautiful bride looking away for just a moment. The lighting here was just so perfect, no flash was needed. We love to work with natural light when we can, it's soft and warm and adds a lot to an image. Flash photography has its place, of course, and we've mastered getting flash augmented images that don't look "flashy," but nothing beats the calm of natural light to make a beautiful bride portrait. She was sitting on a swing in the meadow and looked so beautiful, I had to take this image!
The image was taken with a Canon 5D mkIII and Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS. That lens is a gold standard for wedding photographers and outdoor portrait shooters. 
Los Willows Wedding Estates are one of San Diego's premium wedding venues, with several different, distinct areas to have a wedding ceremony. It's a beautiful place to get married!