Best Photographer for Los Willows Wedding Estate
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Best Photographer for Los Willows Wedding Estate

Bride and her dad share a light moment before the wedding.

As wedding photographers, we dedicate ourselves to capturing every moment that we can. Allie and her dad share a light moment in between formal shots and I just had to catch it in the moment. It's just an example of what we try so hard to do, and an example of how wedding photography has changed with the advent of digital. I'm not sure there's a direct correlation, but when wedding photographers used film, they were limited as to the number of images they could take. As soon as those limitations were gone, the number of images taken at a wedding exploded! And it became expected. Every candid moment needs to be captured and recounted. Where one photographer with a couple of cameras was enough for couple's parents a few years ago, now it takes two and sometimes three photographers to adequately cover the day, from the bride's arrival to her coming down the aisle to the Grand Entrance and First Dance.
Shot with a Canon 5D mkIII and 70-200 f2.8L IS, the long focal length narrows the background and really makes the bride and her dad stand out. The nicely blurred background adds to that effect, too. But the important part is the moment...

Location: Fallbrook, Ca..

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