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Bride and groom kiss wedding photo

Black and white wedding photo of bride and groom kissing under the veil.

This is a variation on one of our standard fun shots. Bride and groom kissing under the veil may seem cliched, but it's an oddly peaceful moment for them. It's like the veil contains an insulating element that cuts them off from the bustle of the day. This couple, at Paradise Falls, in Oceanside, Ca, really got into it...we had trouble getting him to come on out! 
The image had such a classic look, it just begged to be converted to black and white. We have programs that do a great job of this, making our jobs all the more easy. They copy the look of vintage and classic films, both color and black and white. There's even some daguerreotype settings and one for a little known 19th century color process. Fun stuff!
We shot this with a Canon 5D mkIII and 70-200 f2.8L IS, using a camera mounted 580 EXII flash to balance the back lighting.

Location: Paradise Falls Wedding Estate.

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