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Fun Wedding Photography at The US Grant San Diego

Fun Wedding Photography at The US Grant San Diego

Beefcake on the couch! Kimo is a high-powered commercial real estate broker, so putting him in this pose was a bit of an inside joke with his guys, altough I'll admit it was my idea. He and his bride had their wedding at the historic US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, a great place to photograph a wedding! The Grant Grille, where this was shot, is a long time meeting place for the movers and shakers in San Diego, clear back to the 1930s. The hotel itself dates back to 1901 and was built by US Grant's son.
Because of the location and its historical nature, Kimo and Veronica decided on a 1930s Gatsby-like Art Deco theme for their wedding, and Kimo definitely fit the theme in a simple black dinner jacket, bow tie and cummerbund. He later changed to a James Bond-like white dinner jacket, truly classic!
This image was taken with the now-classic Canon 5D with a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC hanging off the front. I used a 580 EXII on camera and one to camera left to get sufficient light on the grouping, using the mirror to the right to bounce some of that light.

The US Grant Hotel San Diego California

Location: San Diego California 92103 32.749789,-117.167650.

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