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Luxury wedding photographer | US Grant San Diego

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Heather loves shoes, and we both love details, so wedding shoe details are just exactly what this pair of San Diego Wedding photographers want! Those tell-tale red soles give these away as by Louboutin, a coveted brand under any circumstances, but one that says a lot on the feet of a bride. Heather always gets excited when she sees those red soles!
Use of depth of field draws the viewer's attention right to the shoes, the angle gives it a bit of visual interest.
Taken at Loew's Coronado Resort, a beautiful bayside hotel/resort on the Silver Strand. It was the first time we'd ever had a chance to shoot a wedding there, although we'd been there a number of times for other functions like conferences and to have dinner in one of their restaurants. 
Shot with the Canon 5D mkIII and 24-70 f2.8L lens, the sharpness is stellar and the clarity of the whites in the shot is excellent. We thought that the slight reflection in the wood really enhanced the overall look of the image.

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