Best Los Willows Wedding Estate Photographer
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Best Los Willows Wedding Estate Photographer

Groom Photo at Los Willows San Diego Wedding Photographer

Sometimes, grooms just don't get the attention they deserve at weddings. We know it's all about the bride, but without a groom, it's just a white dress party!. At Shadowcatcher Imagery, we think the groom should get his photographic moment in the sun, too! While Heather works with the girls, I (Skip) concentrate on getting images of the groom. I work really hard to get the guy relaxed because, face it, the overwhelming majority of men aren't as comfortable in front of a camera as their female counterparts. I make sure all the guys, groom and groomsmen, have fun and that the experience of being in front of my camera isn't just painless, but memorable.
That being said, the groom pictured here, Randy, was about as cool to work with as any groom I've worked with in all the years I've been doing this. A veteran of Afghanistan, all but one of his guys served there with him. (The other was his brother, who clearly adored him!) Randy apparently inspires a great deal of loyalty in his acquaintances. One of them said something to the effect that he'd follow Randy to the gates of hell, if only to make sure they both came home safe! A guy like that is to be admired, for sure. After combat, just having a camera pointed at him didn't phase him at all. We had a great time working together all day long.

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