Best Paradise Falls Wedding Photographers| Paradise Falls Wedding images
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Best Paradise Falls Wedding Photographers| Paradise Falls Wedding images

Paradise Falls Wedding Shadowcatcher Imagery

Paradise Falls in Oceanside, Ca is one of North San Diego County's newest wedding venues. It is a sister property to the better known Los Willows Wedding Estates in Fallbrook, Ca. It was the first choice for our bride pictured here, Melissa. The grounds are beautiful, with a tropical, almost South-Seas ambiance that almost doesn't seem like it's in Southern California. Our bride was wearing a beautiful, almost vintage looking gown that really suited her well. 
This image was done in the back area of the grounds, right outside the Bride's Cottage. Little to no chance of being seen, it's a great place to take photos of the bride and keep her relaxed. Our bride really got into the modeling groove, Heather always tells them by the time their done, they'll feel like supermodels! 
Shot with a Canon 5D mkIII and 24-70 f2.8L, it kicks the wedding portrait into another gear! Color, contrast and use of natural light balanced with a little bit of fill flash really makes for an outstanding image.

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