Los Willows Outdoor Country Wedding – With Erica and Joseph

Today we had the opportunity  to go back out to one of our favorite wedding venues, Los Willows. Our first wedding at Los Willows was with Christina and Joe back in 2005, we fell in love with the venue then and feel so blessed to have made a super connection with this venue, and have been recommended there for 11 years!

Fast forward to today…. the weather was unseasonably warm and beautiful for a January wedding, and the couple and their wedding party were dressed to perfection! The details were beautiful! Using Pantones colors of the year for 2016 for the flowers the bridesmaids bouquets were stunning next to their ice blue bridesmaids gowns. As a wedding photographer in the San Diego area, we are always excited to be in on the first new and exciting wedding trends of the year!

And here are a few of our favorite moments of the day!


Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_002 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_004 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_007 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_011 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_013 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_015 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_016 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_017 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_018 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_022 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_023 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_024 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_025 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_026 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_027 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_030

Erica & Joe hired Alex from Pro Sound DJ’s for their reception, Alex had the dance floor packed all night long!Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_031

LOVE the uplighting the DJ provided for the cake in the gazebo!Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_032 Los_Willows_Erica_Joe_Shadowcatcher_035

Here is a bit more about this couple written by The wedding Rev Don, who by the way is AMAZING!

Despite the slogan, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Seven years ago TODAY, Erica was in Sin City for her friend Sara’s bachelorette party and Joseph was there for his cousin’s co-ed bachelorette party. It’s likely they never would have met were it not for the fact that both parties happened at the Revolution nightclub inside The Mirage. The ever smooth operator Joe infiltrated a circle of beautiful ladies on the dance floor, and set his sights on bride-to-be Sara, who deftly maneuvered him over to dance with Erica. After a forehead bump or two and some mutual stepping-on-toes as they danced together, Erica and Joe retreated to the safety of the bar. For some reason the fact that she ordered a Bud Light really appealed to Joe (“likely the first time in history that’s happened,” I ad-libbed during the ceremony to much laughter.) They found out that they didn’t live too far from each other (Chino and Moreno Valley) so they exchanged numbers. Many texts and calls followed, and dating began. It took seven months until they officially became exclusive as couple and 5 months later, Joseph gave his girlfriend a promise ring. Not known by family and friends as a fast mover, Joe took another five years before popping the question to Erica at sunset at Sunset Cliffs after a day of sightseeing in San Diego. She was shocked, but gave him a “Yes!”

This afternoon it was April in mid-January as El Nino was nowhere to be found on the most Spring day this So. Cal. winter thus far. Their large contingent of guests hung on every word I and they said, and cheered and clapped loudly at ring exchange time as I asked them to express their love and support for the soon-to-be newlyweds. At the pronouncement of them as husband and wife, Joe grabbed and dipped Erica, and planted a big loving kiss on her lips. Before I introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Chavez, I told their gathered friends and family, “Now that’s how you kiss a bride. That was textbook!” The newlyweds took their private champagne mini-cruise around the Los Willows lake as their hired mariachi band loudly serenaded everyone during cocktail hour. I didn’t stay for the reception, but I’m sure it was QUITE the party! Congrats and best wishes to the new Team Chavez!______________________________________________________

Congratulations to you both! Your day was amazing, and it was such a pleasure to be a part of something so special!


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