What could be more romantic than a Surprise Proposal in San Diego? Not much that I can think of!

Over the last few weeks we worked long distance with Ohio residents Colin and Macenzie to set up this Surprise Proposal on the beach in front of The Chart House restaurant in Cardiff.   Colin, Mackenzie and her sister Danielle were visiting San Diego. Colin wanted to pop the question in a super romantic way, making it the ultimate surprise proposal in San Diego!

Early in the evening we staked out a spot on the beach , working on being as discrete as possible. We couldn’t look like photographers there to photograph something special, we needed to blend in.  We communicated through text messages with Macenzie all through dinner while all of the family and the unsuspecting Danielle had their dinner. The plan was for all of them to just take a stroll down the beach to watch the sunset after dinner they would walk down the beach to where we were and then Colin would get down on one knee and propose just as the sun set.

And then it all came together for this Surprise Proposal !

The evening was beautiful and the sunset looked as though it was going to be amazing. Unfortunately dinner took much longer than anticipated and our couple made it out to our pre-arranged spot just as the sun sank into the ocean. But in the end it couldn’t have been more perfect. All of a sudden it happened,Colin dropped to one knee!  All of the patrons at the restaurants around us who came out to watch the sunset, instead were all caught up in watching Danielle and Colin. The crowd went wild as he held a hand out to her, and the entire beach erupted in claps and cheers when she burst into tears and said YES!

Danielle could not have been more surprised, she never saw this coming! The look on her face says it all!

This is by far one of our favorite types of sessions! I LOVE the planning and the sneaking around, not to mention the BIG surprise!

Congratulations Danielle and Colin!

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