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Los Willows Lake Facing Wedding

Corinna and Arthur tie the knot in a beautiful lake facing ceremony at Los Willows!

Friends since middle school.. yes, that’s right middle school… wow! Corinna and Arthur made it official in a beautiful  Los Willows lake wedding. Corinna arrived to the ceremony in a beautiful carriage pulled by a gorgeous white horse, and Arthur, not to be  any less amazing, made his was into the ceremony in a red roadster driven by his best men!

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Los Willows wedding photographer Los Willows wedding photographer


In their own words, here is Corinna and Arthur’s love story…

After meeting at a mutual friends gathering in middle school, Corinna and Arthur instantly clicked and became great friends. Some time had passed since this gathering, and while Corinna was walking to a friends house, she randomly bumped into Arthur walking as well. They caught up and had effortless conversation that lasted a couple of hours on the side of the street.
Although they went to two different middle schools, they ended up at the same high school come 9th grade. The friendship continued throughout high school remaining platonic, yet close.
After high school, Corinna went to college in upstate New York while Arthur remained in San Diego. They were more than 3,000 miles apart; however, the two still kept in touch on a day-to-day basis. Whenever Corinna came back to visit home, Arthur was one of the first people to reach out, ready to catch up and hang out once again. Corinna was always eager to meet up with Arthur again and grab as much time as they could before she had to leave back to the East Coast for school.
Once Corinna graduated and moved back home to California in late 2013, the friendship began to blossom into something new. Arthur claims he had a thing for Corinna since high school days; however, Corinna has a hard time believing him on this one (they will take this innocent argument to the grave.) Corinna and Arthur made it official in October of 2014. Everything felt RIGHT. All of the normal new-relationship-worries were non-existent, being with someone who felt like a best friend.
Fast forward two years later, on August 27, 2016, Arthur gathered a few close friends to hike Torrey Pines State Beach (which is Corinna’s favorite hike) to surprise her at the end of the hike-ultimately to ask to spend the rest of their days together. Of course, Corinna said YES! (She actually was frozen with shock and didn’t say a word, just stuck her hand out ready for the ring.) Corinna and Arthur were married on June 2, 2017 in Fallbrook,

Photos of Corinna and Arthur’s wedding by  Shadowcatcher Imagery  -San Diego- Los Willows Wedding Photographer. Please contact us here if you are interested in booking us for your special day, or would like more information.

A little more about this venue– Los Willows-
Nestled among rolling hills just south of Temecula in San Diego County, the Los Willows Wedding Estate offers luxury & elegance in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. If you are searching for the perfect outdoor San Diego area wedding location, you will absolutely love Los Willows. Over 50 acres of sprawling lawns, colorful flora, a private lake, a lavishly draped tented pavilion, private salon cottage and our luxury Villa for overnight stays, we promise you an unforgettable wedding experience. For the elegant wedding you have always dreamed of, why not choose Los Willows?

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