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San Diego Wedding FAQ

Have a question about weddings? We have an answer!

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Some questions we hear-

What is your primary style -- traditional, candid, or posed?

We shoot a combined style of all three. So no matter the style you are looking for in your wedding images, we are able to capture that style easily. We pride ourselves in being able to make even formally posed images look relaxed, casual and nearly candid.

Do you also do video?

Yes we do! Please be sure to ask about adding our team of professional videographers to your package!

How long does it take before we receive our photos?

We have your images ready for you in 4-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner if we are in the slower time of the season.

Do you do "Teaser" "Preview" images?

Yes we do! We have anywhere between 15-40 fully retouched teaser/preview images for you within 72 hours of your wedding, sometimes the very next day! All your friends are posting and instagraming all their photos, we want you to be able to share some stellar images of your own! That's why you hired us!

How many pictures will we get?

We will deliver in 4-6 weeks about 100 images for every hour we are with you.

Do we get the files and can we print from those and use them on social media?

A flash drive of all images is included in all of our wedding collections. And yes absolutely please share those images all you would like!

Do you come to our rehearsal?

Generally we do not attend your rehearsal unless there are special or unusual things happening. We are available to cover your rehearsal dinner and this is something that could be added to your collection.

How does album design process work?

You will choose the images that you want in your album and either mail or email those to us. We work from that list to retouch and put together a suggested album layout for you. We are always working with you throughout the design process to be sure you like the design and that all the images are the ones you picked. No album is ever ordered without your final approval.

What is an online gallery?

We provide an online gallery of images for you from your wedding that you can share with friends and family. From this gallery family and friends can view and order any images if they would like. Every image that is ordered is professionally retouched and delivered to their door in our super cute packaging for a beautiful presentation.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes we do, we carry a million dollar liability coverage through State Farm.

Can you provide a certificate of insurance for our venue?

Yes, if your venue requests this we will have our agent email that right over to them.

Do you have a business license?

Yes we do! We are licensed through the city of Escondido since 2004.

Is Shadowcatcher a full time business for you?

Yes, we are dedicated to Shadowcatcher 24/7, this is our life and this is what we do. There are no other outside influences that could distract us from giving you 100% of our attention.

Payment schedule - what is the payment process?

We request a reservation fee to lock in your date and pricing, the balance is due no later than 30 days before your wedding. We bill securely and directly online through Square.

When should we book?

ASAP! Our calendar tends to fill up quickly. Most couples book one year out. We cannot hold or reserve a date without a retainer and contract from you.

If we run late can you stay later?

Yes we can, we will never run out on you! Additional hours are available the day of at $100 per half hour. If we notice things have run late and our time will end before all of the special events have happened, we will either speak with you, the coordinator or DJ to see if you would like to extend our time. We can just send you an invoice and you can take care of that when you get back from your honeymoon.

Do we need to feed you?

Oh yes please, if we are with you all day we are going to get hungry, and unless you want us fainting from hunger a meal would be great! Most venues will provide a discounted meal for your vendors, just be sure to ask about that. We also always request that we eat when you do. This way when you are finished eating so are we and we can continue to follow you and not miss any moments. The time while you are eating isn't that most flattering for photos so this works out great!

What is your philosophy about shooting weddings?

It is your wedding; we are there to turn your vision into reality. Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your day, getting the images you want.

Do you shoot in color, black and white, or both?

Digital images are in color, but we have the ability to convert selected images to black and white or sepia. It really depends on what you want. When we feel black and white is a good look for an image, we will often include a few in your teaser/preview images.

Why do I need two photographers? Can I hire just one of you?

No, we're a package deal, a team to the end! We feel that having two main photographers at you wedding gives us the best opportunity to give every moment the most attention possible. Weddings are super charged with special moments and we always want to be sure not one is missed. This too allows us to give both of you more of our time and attention. Heather is with the girls and Skip is with the guys.

Do you bring backup equipment in case of emergency?

Oh yes! Absolutely! We both have multiple cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, we even pack back up clothing! Can you imagine having to work an entire wedding day with a big rip in your pants? No worries there, spares in the car!

Do you have an assistant?

Yes we do! We have our assistant along with us at most weddings and it makes your experience with us even better! Our assistants are trained in pinning on boutonnieres, they help us throughout the day by arranging the brides gown, moving lighting, running to find someone who is missing for a photo, our girls are on it! This keeps our heads free to concentrate on you, the lighting and those moments that are happening all around us. Our assistants are always with the bride in her room taking photographs up until the moment she walks down the aisle, capturing all of those last minute moments before she becomes a Mrs. Our assistants are also able to cover a part of your cocktail hour while we are working with the two of you alone.

What if you get sick or fall off a cliff and can't make it the day of our wedding?

Since there are two of us the chance of that happening is very unlikely that we both would be unable to be there. It would take a really big disaster to have that happen. If it did our team of Shadow2 that has been trained by us in technique and style are very well qualified to step in and cover for one of us if we could not make it on your day. We are also connected to a large group of professional wedding photographers that we could bring in to cover.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business as Shadowcatcher Imagery since July of 2004. This is what we do, and this is all we do, we don't have other jobs that take our attention away form your event.

Will you be the one who actually takes your wedding pictures? This is crucial! Each photographer's style is unique.

We shoot all of our weddings ourselves, working together to give the best coverage of your wedding possible. We love to combine our creative style with your unique personalities to create something that is truly the two of you!

Do you have any awards and does Shadowcatcher have images in popular wedding magazines?

We are so glad you asked! Yes we do! Shadowcatcher has been awarded Best in Weddings by both The Knot and Wedding Wire for many consecutive years. Back in the before wedding days our work was awarded top honors in many juried art gallery showings, along with two private solo shows, that's something we are pretty proud of! We also have had many of our wedding images published in San Diego Style Wedding Magazine.

Have you shot many weddings? (Experts say a wedding newbie is a risk. You want someone who's experienced with wedding mechanics and won't miss key moments.)

Yes, we have… over 500! Each one is unique and has its own style and experiences. From every wedding we do, we take a little of that experience and use it to enhance the next. If things run a little off schedule we are skilled at not sweating it and helping to get things back on track, chances are you will never notice the time but will be focused on each other and enjoying the day.

What if a family member or friend wants to shoot my wedding? Why should I hire you instead?

A wedding takes a lot of organizing, even the photography. Having a professional who has photographed a lot of weddings lets you relax, knowing everything possible is being done to make your day as perfect as it can be. A wedding photographer needs to be able to anticipate moments before they happen rather than react to them too late. They need to be able to adjust schedules to get all the hopes and wishes of the bride and groom covered without forgetting anything. Besides, wouldn't you rather your family member be able to relax and enjoy your wedding rather than see it all through a camera viewfinder?

How independent are you? Do you prefer that we describe exactly what we want, or would you rather have free rein to capture the day? Are you open to a list of must-take photos ? How about Pinterest images?

We welcome a list of any formal posed family images that you want. We do have an "image request list" that we email to you about 30 days before the wedding so we have a clear idea of which family members you would like in those family group photos.

For the rest of the day, while we do like to know your personal styles, we discourage a long list of Pinterest images to duplicate. We want your day to reflect your wedding, your moments and memories not the greatest hits from a selection of other weddings. If we are spending a great amount of time trying to duplicate images from a list, we are missing the moments that are unfolding at your wedding and are not using our creative talents to produce images that are unique to you. Like we say, "We want your wedding to be the one everyone else pins!"

What kind of lighting do you use?

We use high power camera mounted flashes for general images. We also bring along our portable studio lighting for family group images and also use these for some of our other special shots at weddings. We LOVE to work with special lighting, natural and off camera. We like to use a variety of special lighting techniques to make our images really pop!

Do you process the images yourself? How long do you keep the negatives? Can we buy our negatives?

We do all of our own post processing and editing; a professional photo lab does our printing and albums. And yes if the negatives are not included in your package, they are available for purchase.