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Best Founder's Chapel USD Photographer

Founders' Chapel at University of San Diego

The University of San Diego, a Jesuit university dating back almost 100 years, offers two of the most beautiful Catholic churches in San Diego. Available only to graduated of the University for wedding,
Jonni and Andre` met at USD, or, more accurately "re-met." Their families were friends for years and a running joke for two generations was that someone from one family had to marry someone from the other. Jonni's family moved out of the area when she was quite young, and it wasn't until she started school at USD that her friendship with Andre` was rekindled and then blossomed into love. It was only after a visit to his family that she, and Andre` realized that his mom had dated her dad in high school! Finally, at the third generation, the two families are officially united!
This image looked so classic that it just begged to be converted to black and white. The lighting in the Founders' Chapel is beautiful and really contributed to this image, shot with available light.
The Canon 5D mkIII is amazing at high ISOs, critical for getting good images in challenging lighting conditions, like churches. In conjunction with fast lenses, the sensor capabilities really rock when you can't use a flash.

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