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Best Longshadow Ranch Wedding Photographer Team

Bride and Father ready to come down the aisle at Longshadow Ranch in Temecula Wine Country

Longshadow Ranch is a cute, rustic wedding venue and winery in Temecula with a distinctly Country Western vibe. Our couple met when she saw him and his Country Western band play, so the ambiance here was perfect for them! There's a barn, horses, carriages and all the amenities for a rustic wedding, but very upscale!
Here, our bride is getting to walk down the aisle with her dad and the light was perfect! Our third shooter/assistant stays with the bride after we've set up at the ceremony site to get just this sort of image. All of our assistants are more than competent photographers in their own right, in fact, they make up our second team when we're booked for a desired date.
The image was shot with a Canon 5D and 28-135 f4-5.6 IS lens and a Canon 580 EX flash. Which just goes to show that new equipment is nice, but good, older gear in the right hands is great in its own right!

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