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Country Wedding Photography | Los Willows

Girls, girls, girls...and a swing. What could be more classic and spring like that bridesmaids in soft pink and a bride in a swing? Outdoor weddings have so many opportunities for iconic images like this one and, at Shadowcatcher Imagery, we live to do just that!
Taken at Los Willows Wedding Estate, North San Diego County's premier outdoor wedding venue, it shows the carefree look that location offers. This is their meadow section, one of three place they offer for ceremonies. Cool in summer, with dappled shade, it makes a beautiful place to get married and a great place to take photos.
A Canon 5D mkIII was used to take this photo, in conjunction with a Canon 24-70 f2.8L lens, one of the best wedding camera combinations ever produced!

Location: Los Willows Fallbrook, Ca.

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