Kiss in the Rain
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Kiss in the Rain

Rain is often feared when it comes to weddings but, as this image shows, rain can add a stunning element to any photo. Rain isn't as uncommon in December in Southern California as it is in the months prior, so we're always prepared for less than ideal weather, from late November to the end of March. This December wedding was particularly stormy, but both our foresight and that of the couple meant that we could get the photos we wanted. In this particular image, we placed our couple under the arch, which providentially had a plywood cover, so they stayed dry. They had brought a pop-up to protect the DJ during the ceremony, so we used that as a HUGE umbrella to protect our gear as we worked. Our assistant hunkered down behind the couple with a partially opened black umbrella to protect the flash that was backlighting them and we were all set! It was quite a sight when four of us picked up the popup and moved it from place to place in the meadow, I'm sure...

While the Canon 5D mkIII has a good level of weather sealing, it's always best not to push its limits, nor those of the lenses, again evcn though they're sealed, including the Canon 24-70 f2.8L that was used in this image.

Location: Los Willows Wedding Estate Fallbrook, Ca.

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