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Longshadow Ranch Wedding Photographer Temecula Valley

Longshadow Ranch Barn Wedding

Amanda and Kyle met when she went to see his Country Western band perform, so getting married at Longshadow Ranch in Temecula's Wine Country made perfect sense, with it's distinct Country Western vibe. They're a really cute couple, full of fun and life.
Longshadow has a lot of great spots for photos, and this door is one of them. I think backlighting it like we did really pulls out the setting and takes the image to another level. Thanks to the radio control on the Canon 600 EX-RT behind them, we could do that since it doesn't need to be "line of sight" with the on-camera flash. This image was a very important one to Amanda, we were proud and glad that we could get such a great result for her
The image was done with one of our trusted Canon 5D mkIIIs and a Canon 24-70 f2.8L, utilizing two Canon 600 EX-RT flashes, one on camera, the other behind the couple.
Longshadow Ranch is in Temecula Valley's Wine Country. It is a unique blend of horse range and winery with a real country vibe to it.

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