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San Diego Hotel Wedding Photographer | Wedding Louboutins

Louboutin Shoes at a Wedding!!

One of Heather's favorite things in the world is shoes and she gets so happy when a bride selects a particularly gorgeous pair of shoes. It's a bonus when those shoes come with a bright red sole like Louboutins. Only one of the most coveted designer shoes on the planet! When she saw these, she actually squealed a little bit...
One thing both of us enjoy working with are reflections, so this shot reflects (no pun intended!) our personal style quite a bit. Playing off of reflective surfaces gives us a chance to emphasize the shapes, forms and location of a subject, from a highly polished table top to the top of a grand piano to the surface of a lake. I think it always makes a memorable shot.
The image was done with a Canon 5D mkIII and 24-70 f2.8L in natural light. I think she did a pretty good job of it!

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