Wedding Photographer at The Prado San Diego
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Wedding Photographer at The Prado San Diego

Wedding Reception Photographer at The Prado

Boy do we love black and white. When we first started out in photography, by far most of what we shot was black and white. It has a purity that color sometimes misses, it’s just light and shadow, texture and shape. It can show, and draw out, emotion in ways that are surprising, sometimes. Add to that the classic looks of both Victoria and Abel and monochrome becomes the look of choice. This photo was taken during their first dance and you could see that they had pretty much shut the rest of the world out of their minds, reducing everything to just the two of them, married, on the dance floor. The location, The Prado in Balboa Park in San Diego, lends itself well to that same classicism, since it’s one of San Diego’s most established locations, the building dating back more than 100 years. 
Our bride, Victoria, really went all in for the classic, timeless look in her wedding and her dress was amazing, all lace and bling with a dramatic plunge down the back.  The groom, Abel, was dressed in quintessentially vintage style with a black tux, bow tie and cummerbund. Black and white photos just came naturally!

The Prado Weddings, Balboa Park San Diego

Location: San Diego California 92103 32.749789,-117.167650.

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