Dalmatian Puppy playing with bubbles at Shadowcatcher
Shadowcatcher Imagery
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Dalmatian Puppy playing with bubbles at Shadowcatcher

San Diego Animal Photographer

Puppies are so much fun. They're just discovering the world, and it's pure joy to observe. Heather loves to help the little guys have fun and expand their minds, and then capture it with a camera! Fast lenses, high speed strobes and experience let her get those moments as they happen. Dalmatians have a special place in our hearts, and as members of the national Dalmatian Club, we have a lot of contact with owners of that breed. Consequently, we get many of the spotted dogs in our studio! It's great, because we love them all! But, then, we love ALL dogs!

Location: 218 E. Grand Ave. Ste 3, Escondido, Ca 92025.

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