Kaleah the yellow Labrador
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Kaleah the yellow Labrador

Best San Diego Dog Photographer

Dog photography is fun! Puppy photography is "funner!" What could be more fun than hanging out with a puppy all day? Of course, when it comes to taking photos of said puppy, a whole host of challenges present themselves! Heather's always up to that challenge, years of experience with dogs of all stages helps her get the pups to be their very best! Her playful attitude and patience pay off with fun, cute, beautiful images of each puppy. She gets them accustomed to the camera, letting them sniff it, even crawl on it to familiarize themselves with it. She will also, from time to time, trigger our studio strobes to get them used to the flashes of light so it doesn't disturb them when it's time to get to work. I think her work shows the results...

Location: 218 E. Grand Ave Ste 3, Escondido, Ca 92025.

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