Reason, the Pharaoh Hound
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Reason, the Pharaoh Hound

Best San Diego Pet Photographer

Pharaoh Hounds are among the oldest breeds in the world, possibly dating back to ancient Egypt. There are actually pyramid paintings that may depict these beautiful dogs!
These are very intelligent hunting dogs, bred to chase prey for miles. They are very active, inquisitive and able to think for themselves. As such, they can be a challenge for someone not familiar with the breed, but Heather has a way of understanding, very quickly, the way an individual dog thinks and reacts. This lets her get portraits like this exquisite photo of Reason, a champion Pharaoh Hound. She calms the dogs, gets them accustomed to the camera and the studio lights before she even starts the session.

Location: 218 E. Grand Ave Ste 3, Escondido, Ca 92025.

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