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San Diego Wedding Photography Customer Reviews

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Below are a few reviews that made us blush!

5 star rating on The Knot - 01/20/2020

Heather, Skip, and their team did such an amazing job! My husband and I couldn't be happier with our pictures! They did such a great job at making us less nervous and that the pictures looked natural and not staged. I plan to such Shadowcatcher Imagery for our future photos

Los Willows Wedding- 5 Stars on The Knot!

We absolutely loved Heather and Skip! They are so friendly and easygoing, and put us right at ease from the moment we stepped into their studio for our initial consultation. Their work is professional, beautiful, and timeless -- we loved the thought and care they put into our wedding as if it was the only one they had to do (and they had three the same weekend as ours!) Their assistant Kendra is amazing. Heather is so sweet, too, and understands how stressful being a bride is, so I appreciated her kindness and compassion while I semi-freaked out in the weeks leading up to the wedding! :) Overall, you cannot go wrong with this team. They are absolutely perfect.

Los Willows Wedding - 5 Stars on The Knot and Wedding Wire
Heather and Skip are as good as it gets! I spent a long time researching wedding photographers in my area and was very intrigued by their work, they automatically went to the top of my list and we are so happy that they could shoot our wedding. After having the opportunity to meet, it was clear how their personality and passion matched their talent, Heather and Skip are the absolute best! On our big day both Heather and Skip as well as their assistant Kendra were professional and attentive behind the lens and so much fun during all the bits in between. Group shots were super smooth and efficient. You’d think it be impossible to get a picture with all the kids smiling and still. Guess what?not impossible. We have so many lovely pictures with the kids it’s amazing. Through out the course of day Heather and Skip continued to bring a thirst and enthusiasm for capturing our wedding and what made that day so special for us, i knew those images would be personal and we could not be happier with how they turned out. Photography was a big part of the day for us and having the talent and personality of Heather and Skip entrusted with that responsibility was a dream. Our wedding pictures turned out better than I could have ever dreamed of. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, search no more. I can guarantee you will not find a better photography team! Thank you Heather and Skip, we are so glad you were part of our special day!

Paradise Falls Wedding— 5 stars- Wedding

Shadowcatcher Imagery photographed my daughters wedding this last weekend! They did an AMAZING job! They knew the venue like the back of their hands and took advantage of all the fantastic little nooks and cranny's you would not have thought would make superior shots! Had great pictures during the daylight and then in the evening with all the twinkling lights! I will never hire or recommend anyone else! They did such a great job! Words can not express how happy we are!!!!!

Orfila Winery Wedding Review- 5 STARS - Wedding

Heather & Skip were such a pleasure to work with! When my husband and I took our engagement photos with a different photographer, we learned that we were extremely camera shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera. But somehow, Heather & Skip brought out the best in us and all of that discomfort in front of the camera went away. It was so natural, organic and candid, we love how they captured our wedding from start to finish! I told Heather multiple times throughout the day how much fun I was having with the shots they were coming up with. Their work is truly inspired; the way they take the photographs and do their magic during editing is such an art form. The team they brought to work with us that day was so top-notch to. I cannot say enough good things about this team - look no further, these photographers are the real deal!

Los Willows Wedding- 5 Stars!

Heather and Skip, and Kendra, were awesome! I had such an easy time working with them.

We weren't sure how to pick out a wedding photographer (there are so many out there) so we went off of our venue's preferred vendor list. While meeting at Los Willows (our venue) for various planning sessions, my fiance, mom, and I admired the photographs in their showroom. Well, most of those photographs were taken by Shadowcatcher Imagery!

They have lots of different options for packages and will truly cater to what you want. On our wedding day, the girls and I were running behind with hair and makeup, but Heather didn't stress or add pressure by making us move faster. She worked on the photos that she didn't need us for, then used our little bit of time wisely before the ceremony began.

During the ceremony, I hardly noticed they were snapping photos! But they were! Anyway, throughout the whole wedding, they were wonderful and were very accommodating to what we wanted. They are troopers- I have 3 brothers who like to goof off while taking pictures, but Kendra was able to deal with them while Heather and Skip took BEAUTIFUL photos of us!

During the reception, they pulled us out to take nighttime photos. My now husband was itching to get back on the dance floor, and Heather and Skip were really nice about that. They worked fast and got some amazing shots of us.

Speaking of the photos, Heather posted an album of over 50 photos just 4 days after our wedding. I have received SO MANY compliments on those photos. And the compliments keep coming! I think I've looked at them at least once a day over the past 2 1/2 weeks. I just can't stop- they are so beautiful.

Thanks to Shadowcatcher for capturing the special moments on one of the best days of our lives. I would recommend you guys to anyone who needs a photographer!

OH! And since we got married in the off season, Heather and Skip were able to have our photographs ready LESS THAN 2 WEEKS after our wedding!! I know that doesn't happen all the time, but it goes to show that they care about you and work hard even after the big day. They know how badly everyone wants to relive their wedding and see all the photos. AMAZING!

Balboa Park Wedding- 5 STARS

Heather, Skip, and their assistant Kendra are simply fantastic!! They are genuinely interested in what the bride and groom are looking for--they really listen to you and plan things ahead with you. Heather was there for us via email throughout the planning process from the start; the whole team was on time for the day, and knew perfectly how to manage things, including time, unexpected incidents, etc. All of them are friendly, fun, and sweet, and of course, AMAZING photographers. Our wedding was in June, Balboa park, prom season. There were so so many brides, prom dates, and tourists at the venue to the point that everyone thought was ridiculous (I’ve been to Balboa park many times and it was never like that, ever). Team Shadowcatcher had the best judgment in these challenging circumstances--they knew exactly how much time they should wait for certain locations for photoshoots, for example, or what places to go instead to avoid the crowd. The results were amazing. From the whole set of hundreds of images, I cannot really tell if there were anyone else there except for our party. I was also impressed by how there wasn’t a single image of anyone with unflattering shadows cast upon their faces! This is what makes Shadowcatcher Imagery exceptional as wedding photographers: they use light not only for the sake of demonstrating technical skills in photography, but also to document the human face in the most flattering way possible. As a bride, this was so important to me, and I appreciate the amount of care the photographers showed for all the people being photographed--the bride and groom, family, ceremonial party, and also, the guests! With three shooters, we were able to get traditional, classic photos as well as photojournalistic, candid shots of everyone, in different styles and depth of fields. Not to mention they make your wedding photos look glamorous. The teaser images and images for prints were magazine style gorgeous, just like the ones you see in their portfolios on their website. They did a more natural look for our engagement session, so I know they could do that if that is what you want--but for me, I love how our wedding photos look so sparkly and special. I mean, it is a wedding, after all ;) I highly recommended working with them for their skills, personalities, and the amount of care they show you before, on the day of, and after your wedding. Thank you Heather, Skip, and Kendra. I am proud to be a Shadowcatcher bride.

Paradise Falls Wedding Reviewed 5 Stars

All 3 of the photographers were AMAZING!! Heather and Skip and the assistant ( I can't blv I am blanking on her name, I am sorry)!! I switched from a San Diego to Oceanside wedding, and SHADOWCATCHER was with me every step of the way. Heather actually helped me find my perfect venue!! A God send for those planning from OUT OF STATE, especially. Of course the photos were AMAZING and belong in a MAGAZINE and I want to print them all and use them as wallpaper all over my house (if that were allowed). Unfortunately, Our day was completely rushed and falling behind and they still kept up with the photos that were important to me. I cannot stress enough to make sure you know which SHOTS ARE A MUST.. so that Heather and Skip can make sure they capture it. The fact that they do a SNEAK PEAK is something I would not have been able to live without. To have to wait weeks to see your first photos, get out! My friend even asked what I had to do to get photos so quickly haha. I worked with them for over a year until my special day and they were so helpful and communicative even about WEDDING STUFF that had nothing to do with photography!! It means so much to a DESTINATION BRIDE from AZ!!! Thank you for all of your help.

Los Willows Wedding Estates Reviewed- 5 Stars

Well, we are back from our honeymoon and decided it is important that we talk about our wedding! It was literally the perfect day! We want to say thank you to everyone that made our day the amazing and unforgettable day that it was! We could not have done it without the help of our family and friends. We must not forget our wonderful and amazing vendors that treated us like family to make this magical day happen!

Shadowcatcher Imagery was simply perfect. There is no other way to describe what Heather, Skip, and Kendra do! We have only received our teasers back, but let us tell you, they are PERFECT! These photos are amazing and we will cherish them forever. Not only did this wonderful team capture our day perfectly, they went above and beyond to make sure every shot was perfect! Heather, Skip, and Kendra, thank you so much for all that you did and we will definitely be using you guys as our photographers for a LONG time.

Red Barn Ranch Reviewed- 5 Stars

Like all other reviews have already made clear- if you don't book with them, you will regret it. Heather and Skip are amazing at what they do, and their genuine and passionate nature cannot be beat.
I'm a simple person, so I'll leave a simple review.
- quality for the price cannot be beat. They even customize packages based on your needs.
- out of all the vendors we used, Heather was the most organized and had the quickest response time. She is fantastic at knowing her job, understanding the couple and their needs, and getting everything done without being pushy. She is such an easy going and adaptable person.
- our venue was very challenging with many obstacles and restrictions. Heather and Skip did not skip a beat in their ability to work wit the situation, while being flexible, creative and positive.
- a few preview pictures are sent within a few days from the event. This is rare from what's I've seen with other friend's weddings, and such an important gesture. They are fast and keep their word.
- My family is full of challenging personalities- from shy, uptight, sensitive, impossible to please to even aggressive and abrasive. Not a problem for this team. The tact and ease they possess for handling everyone seems effortless.

I could go on and on. Book them- they are amazing people worth every penny.

Cordiano Winery- Reviewed - 5 Stars

Heather, Skip, and Kendra are the best people to work with, hands down.
If you need a photographer, you should look not farther, because if you do not work with this team, you will regret it.
There are not enough positive words in the English language to sing the praises of this team. I am shy, awkward, and in general hate my picture being taken. But this team makes you forget all of that.
Their pictures are beautiful. The eye this team has for their art is unmatched, and their personalities make every interaction with them amazing.
Thank you so much Shadowcatcher Imagery, you guys are absolutely amazing

Captured the Magic at my Los Willows Wedding! 5 Stars!

My review of Shadowcatcher Imagery is long overdue, but my impression of them (as well as my guests' and family's) remains consistent: They are excellent professional photographers from intake, execution, up to the final prints. I had my wedding at Los Willows, and have always admired their work. I liked how their shots tell a story, and they did exactly that on my wedding. My wedding pictures had the flow that I wanted, and they captured every important moment---in its best light. Let's face it, a wedding can be the most stressful event in one's life. Mine certainly was, and Heather and Skip listened so well (not only to my rants) but to what I wanted. They respected my wishes even if schedule on the wedding day was tight. I have to mention that my budget was also tight, and even thought that Heather and Skip would not bother to work with me. But they worked with me as if I was one of their VIP clients. They also brought an extra photographer who was sooo funny, upbeat, and nice! Did I mention that I also had 2 venues and they were on both locations on time, all set up, and ready to go! On the wedding day, I would worry and fuss about almost anything, but Heather helped to refocus me and helped me produce the best smiles possible! Couldn't be happier to have had Shadowcatcher as my wedding photographer!

The Crosby Wedding Review! 5 Stars

Heather and Skip were amazing! From the very first moment we emailed them, they really went above and beyond. They were patient with us and our busy schedules and even helped us out with recommending a DJ that we were able to hire last minute. They also brought an assistant that saved my bridesmaid from trying to figure out how to tie my dress. The pictures were amazing and I have had trouble deciding which ones I want in my album because there are so many great ones! I would highly recommend them to anyone! They are not only great photographers but they are great people with a kind heart. We are truly grateful! Thank you Heather and Skip for capturing great moments in one of the most important days of our lives!

Los Willows- Reviewed- 5 Stars

Heather, Skip, and Kendra are the best people to work with, hands down. If you need a photographer, you should look not farther, because if you do not work with this team, you will regret it. There are not enough positive words in the English language to sing the praises of this team. I am shy, awkward, and in general hate my picture being taken. But this team makes you forget all of that. Their pictures are beautiful. The eye this team has for their art is unmatched, and their personalities make every interaction with them amazing. Thank you so much Shadowcatcher Imagery, you guys are absolutely amazing

Look no further for the BEST photography company for your Los Willows wedding!

Reviewed- 5 Stars

I was lucky enough to find Shadowcatcher Imagery back in 2005! My fiancé and I met with a few other photographers but never "clicked" with anyone until we met Heather and Skip. After looking through their beautiful portfolio in person, we booked them on the spot for our 2006 wedding. They are the perfect team! Heather goes for the artistic, funky angles and Skip captures the more traditional pictures. We booked a package that included an engagement session, which I highly recommend. Not only did it give us great engagement pictures, but it was a "rehearsal" for how all of us would work together during our wedding. We ended up having a lot of fun splashing around in the ocean and bonding with our photographers. The day of our wedding, Heather met me at my hotel to take pictures of "the girls' getting ready while Skip met up with "the guys" to capture their moments on film. During the ceremony, not only did they get beautiful pictures of us, but of our family and friends, the venue, the ambiance, and the general "feeling" of the day. Throughout the reception, the mingled unobtrusively while taking pictures of the fun everyone was having. Never once did I feel the photographers were anything less than invited guests. I even asked them to sign our guest photo print that hangs in my living room. :) In my opinion, you can cut corners on the food, or the wine, or the music, because those are things that people wont remember but you will have these pictures forever. Invest in a photographer who will capture your day so when you open your wedding album 8 years later (like me) you can still remember every detail as you look at the beautiful images! Shadowcatcher WILL do that for you!

Heather and Skip are the BEST!!!***** 5 Stars!

Reviewed -Kate L Hotel Del Wedding

What can I say about Heather and Skip at Shadowcatcher Imagery other than they are simply the best photographers ever and were a pleasure to work with for my wedding!!! I'm an extremely shy person and have always hated having my picture taken, but when my fiance and I first met this dynamic duo, we were instantly comfortable with them. That reassured my fiance that I would be ok for them to photograph and capture our most special day, we hired them on the spot. Heather and Skip were very professional, yet laid back and easy to work with. The teaser pictures that have been posted from our past wedding on 06/21/14 are without question amazing. I would without a doubt recommend Shadowcatcher Imagery to anyone who needed great photographers for any special event! I'm even considering setting up a Boudoir session for a gift for my husband...that's a big step for this introverted girl!!! :)

Reviewed - Jen L Paradise Falls Wedding-

***** 5 Stars!

I was so happy to have the Shadowcatcher team photograph my wedding at Los Willows. Heather and Skip were such a pleasure to work with the whole way through, from planning to the wedding day. They made everyone so comfortable and they were so much fun! Our wedding was a hot one, and they were such professionals in dealing with the extreme heat and maybe even a few cranky wedding party members. Their photos were stunning and they truly captured the feel and personality of the day. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking.

The Best around! Reviewed - Janette L Wedgewood Golf Club Wedding

***** 5 Stars!

Heather and Skip (Shadowcatcher Imagery) not only perfectly captured our most special day on film, but they were awesome to work with and even helped us through a couple of hiccups! They went above and beyond in everything they did. And our wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

Best Engagement Photo's Ever! Reviewed -Alexandra O- 5 Stars!

I hired Shadowcatcher Imagery for my engagement session in September. My fiance and I couldn't be happier with the experience and the results. Heather and Skip were a joy to be around, professional and took the time to know us. The only downfall is I live in Denver, so unfortunately we can't use them for our wedding. :( I recommend Shadowcatcher Imagery to anyone who wants fun, classy images!

Amazing Photographers! Reviewed - Lauren N Los Willows Wedding 5 Stars

Heather and Skip are fantastic photographers. I contacted Heather over a year before my wedding date and I feel that she is the most genuine person. Heather and Skip are photographers that want to capture everything on your most important day. Their pictures are the highest quality and capture unique photos that set you aside from the rest of the brides you see in pictures. They have a great imagination! Heather and Skip captured our engagement shoot and wedding day. My husband and I did our engagement shoot at Hotel Del Coronado and it was beautiful. They brought props to enhance our photo shoot and it really added character. On our wedding day, I trusted Heather and Skip 100% because they were familiar with our venue at Los Willows in Fallbrook, CA. I didn't have one worry that day and they made me feel comfortable. They are punctual and very professional. We had a lot of photos we wanted to capture that day and they had me type up a timeline for my guests to insure that everyone is there for pictures when they needed to be. This helped things run smoothly. On my behalf, I was running a tiny bit late because of my makeup, but Heather and Skip were still able to include all the pictures I wanted. They have quite a few photo packages and we ended up purchasing ours when there was a sale going on. We ended up upgrading to a different package later on after our engagement shoot because they did a great job! The photo book that is included in our package is stunning and I can't wait to put all the pictures together and take it home. :) They are by far the best photographers out there and I am 100% satisfied. Thank you again Heather and Skip for everything! I truly hope everyone chooses you to capture their wedding day! I will always refer you to people who are getting married and for those who need you for special occasions. Greg and I would love to have you two take pictures of us when we plan to have kids and throughout our lives together. I can't wait to see the rest of our wedding pictures.

So fun to work with! Reviewed - Jennifer G Mt. Woodson Castle Wedding

***** 5 Stars!

Heather and Skip were fantastic and were so much fun to work with! They work so well as a team and you can tell that they really love what they do. Heather has this warm, and bubbly personality that instantly makes you feel right at home. They were so patient and really took their time to walk us through the entire process, yet still managed to keep everyone in check and running smoothly. They were also incredibly thorough and made sure that they took each shot we requested. They promised us a few teaser pictures by the following Tuesday and actually had them up a day early. I would strongly recommend Shadowcatcher Imagery and I hope to have an occasion to use them again in the future!

5.0- Pacific View Events Center Bride

I am so glad that we chose Shadowcatcher Imagery for my daughter's wedding! Heather was available when I had questions months before the wedding. She and Skip were organized, which made the wedding party more organized. Because of the notes they provided beforehand, it allowed everyone to know what exactly was expected and what time to be ready for all photos. The pictures that Heather and Skip took are amazing! They captured the subjects beautifully and made everything look so effortless.


Shadowcatcher is the BEST! My husband and I found Skip and Heather within a few weeks of getting engaged, met with them and booked after one appointment! We had a lot of concerns and questions, and they put us at ease. They are so knowledgeable and so professional. Our wedding photos are absolutely stunning, we couldn't of asked for better photographers!

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Casey b- Los Willows Bride 5.0

Heather and Skip are wonderful to work with and they really know what they are doing! We love our pictures they are breath taking! We couldn't be more happier!

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Elaine- Los Willows Bride 5.0

Heather, Skip and assistant were amazing! They knew how to direct a huge bridal party and managed to take beautiful photos. There were 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen. They taught me how to pose and also helped out my everyone else to get the image perfect. I like the fact that they took some candid photos and some posed photos. They know how to capture great moments on my wedding day. They even had a questionnaire for me and the groom to fill out as to what photos we thought were important to us. They also made a timeline for us. Everything was well organized and my wedding memorable they captured everything!

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