1. Dramatic Kiss Bride and Groom in Balboa Park
  2. California Center for the Arts Bridesmaids alking away
  3. Outdoor Wedding Beautiful Bride with Parasol
  4. Natural Light Wedding Bride Getting Ready
  5. Balboa Park Wedding with Holiday Lighting
  6. Happy Bride at Los Willows
  7. Temcula Winery Artistic Place Setting
  8. Romantic Kiss with Moonrise
  9. Beautiful Bride and Groom in Balboa Park Arch
  10. Vintage Bride in Artistic Natural Light
  11. Los Willows Bride and Groom in Natural Light
  12. Table Setting at Los Willows Wedding Estate
  13. Beautiful Bride at Maderas Golf Club
  14. Tablescape Gatsby Styled Reception
  15. Romantic Bride and Groom Sunset at Muckenthaler House
  16. 23viguojo4c
  17. Bride and Groom in a Coronado Sunset
  18. Bride and Groom at Balboa Park Reflecting Pond
  19. Grooms Reaction to Bride Entry at Los Willows
  20. Victorian Steampunk Wedding at Los Willows
  21. Wedding Trolley Bell Ringing Ring Bearer
  22. Claudia & Sheas Wedding at Lowes Coronado
  23. Balboa Park El Prado Bride and Groom
  24. Bride on San Diego Wedding Trolley
  25. Romantic Bride and Groom at Grand iano Aviara Carlsbad
  26. First Dance The Prado Balboa Park
  27. Bride Getting Ready Wedding Photos Sexy Garter Photo
  28. Victorian Steampunk Bride and Groom at Los Willows
  29. Wedding Crowded Dance Floor Event Photographer
  30. Groomsmen Selfie at the Golf Course edding
  31. Gatsby Styled Reception at the U.S. Grant
  32. Bride Getting into Dress Wedding Photo Inspiration
  33. Bride and her Flower Girl Before the Wedding
  34. Dogs at Weddings Dog Ring Bearer
  35. Candid First Dance at The Prado
  36. Gatsby Style Bride and Groom First Dance Wedding Photos
  37. Parents Happy Touching Moment Grand Tradition
  38. Anxious Groom Los Willows Wedding
  39. Los Willows Estates Bride Getting Ready in Mirror
  40. Black & White Romantic Wedding moment
  41. Bride and Groom Sunset Moment at Maderas Golf Club
  42. Victorian Bride Wedding Hair Style
  43. Bride and Groom Feed Cake
  44. Estate Indian Wedding Photographer
  45. Bridal Party
  46. Black and White Natural Light Bride
  47. Romantic Bride and Groom Reflected at Los Willows
  48. Emotional Dad at Wedding in Black and White
  49. Candlelit Wedding Ceremony Reflection at the US Grant
  50. Beautiful bride in Natural Light, Los Willows
  51. Soft Pink Bouquet Balboa Park Wedding Photographer
  52. Groomsmen doing Abbey Road at Marina Village
  53. Beautiful light at Night with Bride & Groom
  54. Ponte Winery Temecula Bride with Flower Girl
  55. Creative bride and Groom Alone
  56. Romantic Moment Alone with Bride and Groom
  57. Romantic Photojournalistic Bride and Groom
  58. Romantic Lighting Artistic Bride Silhouette
  59. Candid Moment Flower Girl
  60. Pearl Covered Wedding Shoes
  61. Cute Flower Girls with Happy Bride
  62. Groom with Groomsmen Black Tie Vintage Hollywood
  63. Artistic Creative Victorian Steampunk Wedding
  64. Bride Portrait Natural Light Los Willows
  65. Beautiful Bride and Groom at Night
  66. Romantic bride and Groom Los Willows photographer
  67. Bride Groom Alone Moment San Diego Wedding Photography
  68. Center for the Arts Escondido Wedding Photographer
  69. Wedding in Balboa Park Photographer
  70. Indian Bride Mehndi at The Dana Photographer
  71. Romantic Silhouette at The Orchard Temecula Wedding
  72. Old Hollywood Styled Black and White Bride and Groom
  73. Fairytale Style Photo at Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  74. Creative Bouquet Image at the US Grant
  75. I Do Ring Shot on Bride's Shoes at Los Willows
  76. The Prado Cute Flowergirls with Bride
  77. Vintage Romance Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  78. Classic Old Hollywood Styled Bride with Red Rose Boquet
  79. Vintage Retro Wedding Twin Oaks Wedding Photographer
  80. Elegant black & White Wedding Shoes Balboa Park Wedding
  81. Candid Wedding Photography Los Willows
  82. Los Willows Fairytale Wedding
  83. Bride and Groom Romantic Moment at Maderas Golf
  84. ShoesGrand Tradition Estates Wedding Photographer
  85. Groom Bridal Party Prado San Diego Wedding Photography
  86. Blush Colored Bouquet Los Willows wedding photographer
  87. Bride with Flower Girl Los Willows Meadow
  88. Signature Wedding rink Temecula winery wedding
  89. Reception Food Temecula Wedding Photographer
  90. Cute Wedding Shoes San Diego Beach Wedding Photographer
  91. Creative Ring Shot San Diego Wedding Photographer
  92. BoHo Chic vintage bride San Diego Wedding Photographer
  93. Colorful Tablescape Indan WeddingSan Diego Wedding Photographer
  94. Outdoor Rustic wedding Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  95. Belly Dancer Sheraton San Diego Wedding Photographer
  96. Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes San Diego Wedding Photographer
  97. Grooms First Peek Hyatt Aviara Wedding Photographer
  98. Photojournalistic Moment San Diego Wedding Photographer
  99. The Prado Wedding San Diego Wedding Photographer
  100. Cute kids at Weddings San Diego Wedding Photographer
  101. Photojournalistic San Diego Wedding Photographer
  102. Red Rose Bouquet San Diego Wedding Photographer
  103. Rex Smith Teen Idol Celebrity Wedding Photographer
  104. Candid Bride Moment CCFA San Diego Wedding Photographer
  105. Bridesmaids Candid Image Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  106. Bride in Natural Setting Los Willows Photographer
  107. Wedding Deserts San Diego Wedding Photographer
  108. Grand Exit Bride & Groom San Diego Wedding Photographer
  109. Bride getting ready at Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  110. Bride getting ready photo Los Willows Photographer
  111. Black and white wedding San Diego Wedding Photography
  112. Soft Pink Wedding Table San Diego Wedding Photographer
  113. Ring Exchange Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  114. Creative Lighting Wedding San Diego Wedding Photographer
  115. Bride Beach Ocean San Diego Wedding Photography
  116. Heather and Andrew
  117. Groom Groomsmen Bridal Party San Diego Wedding Photo
  118. Indian Mehndi Hands Bride San Diego Wedding Photography
  119. Bride on Country Bridge Los Willows Wedding Photograper
  120. Before the Ceremony Rings San Diego Wedding Photography
  121. Stunning Dramatic Bride San Diego Wedding Photography
  122. Groom Before the Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photography
  123. Flowergirl Getting Ready San Diego Wedding Photography
  124. Steampunk Groom Vintage San Diego Wedding Photography
  125. Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Los Willows Wedding Photography
  126. Romantic Bride Groom Los Willows Wedding Photography
  127. Fun Candid Groom Cake Los Willows Wedding Photography
  128. Fun Bride Groom Los Willows Wedding Photography
  129. Emotional Bride and Dad San Diego Wedding Photography
  130. Groom and Groomsmen Pool San Diego Wedding Photography
  131. Beautiful Father Daughter San Diego Wedding Photography
  132. Delicious Cupcake Rings San Diego Wedding Photography
  133. Adorable Flower Girls Los Willows Wedding Photography
  134. Natural Lighting Bride Los Willows Wedding Photography
  135. Vintage Chic Bridesmaid San Diego Wedding Photography
  136. The Crosby Waterfall
  137. Gorgeous Lake Bride and Groom Los Willows Photography
  138. Bride Groom Kiss Lake Los Willows Wedding Photography
  139. Formal Pose with Bridal Party Black Tie Weddingf
  140. Classic Piano Diamond Ring San Diego Wedding Photograph
  141. Old Hollywood Styled Bride and Groom Wedding Photographer
  142. Sassy Retro Wedding Guest San Diego Wedding Photography
  143. Queen Mary Long Beach Los Angeles Wedding Photography
  144. Bride Groom Champagne Fun San Diego Wedding Photography
  145. Sunset Center Arts Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photo
  146. First Dance Bride Kiss The Prado Wedding Photography
  147. Bridal Vintage Chic Los Willows Wedding Photography
  148. Trees Ocean Bride Groom San Diego Wedding Photography
  149. Cowboy Groom Groomsmen
  150. Traditional Indian Dress Shoes San Diego Wedding Photo
  151. Sweet Bride Groom Kiss San Diego Wedding Photography
  152. Classic Car Bride Groom Retro San Diego Wedding Photo
  153. Classic Beauty Bride
  154. Peaceful Bride Roses Dahlias San Diego Wedding Photo
  155. Red Chucks Proud Groom San Diego Wedding Photography
  156. Earthy Bride Greenhouse San Diego Wedding Photo
  157. Emotion Catholic Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photograph
  158. Fun Dance floor Party San Diego Wedding Photography
  159. Bride Veil Outdoors Los Willows Wedding Photography
  160. Bride Groom Kiss Sunset Los Willows Wedding Photography
  161. Black White Bride Groom Los Willows Wedding Photography
  162. Bride Groom Moment Center Arts San Diego Wedding Photo
  163. Peeking Bride Romantic San Diego Wedding Photography
  164. I Do Vows Bride Ring San Diego Wedding Photography
  165. Excited Groom Unique Los Willows Wedding Photography
  166. Classic Flowergirl Roses San Diego Wedding Photography
  167. Emotional Mother
  168. Bride Groom Grandma Kiss San Diego Wedding Photography
  169. Soft Romantic Bride
  170. Groom Ring Cufflinks San Diego Wedding Photography
  171. Emotional Groom Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photography
  172. Romantic Kiss Bride Groom San Diego Wedding Photography
  173. Bride Groom Vows Black White San Diego Wedding Photo
  174. Horse and Carriage Bride San Diego Wedding Photography
  175. Roses Getting Ready
  176. Cute Flowergirl Roses San Diego Wedding Photography
  177. Retro Vintage Romantic Bride San Diego Wedding Photo
  178. Bride Groom Nature Bouquet San Diego Wedding Photograph
  179. Dancing Bride Lake Los Willows Wedding Photography
  180. Bride Ceremony Vows San Diego Wedding Photography
  181. Birdcage Veil Retro Bride Los Willows Wedding Photo
  182. Classic Vintage Bride Los Willows Wedding Photography
  183. Beautiful Bride Rose Bouquet San Diego Wedding Photo
  184. Retro Groom Groomsmen The Dana Reservoir Dogs
  185. Fun Bride Dress Dance San Diego Wedding Photography
  186. Groom in Balboa Park Trees San Diego Wedding Photograph
  187. Father Daughter Moment San Diego Wedding Photography
  188. Groom Boutonniere Color San Diego Wedding Photography
  189. Bride Groom Night Estate San Diego Wedding Photography
  190. Rex Smith Groom Happy Los Willows Wedding Photography
  191. Fun Groom at Winery Tractor San Diego Wedding Photo
  192. Retro Bridal Party San Diego Wedding Photography
  193. Sports Loving Groom San Diego Wedding Photography
  194. Gorgeous Bride Flowers Los Willows Wedding Photography
  195. Wacky Groomsmen Funny Los Willows Wedding Photography
  196. Mother Bride Getting Ready Los Willows Wedding Photo
  197. Bridal Shoes Tradition Los Willows Wedding Photography
  198. Vintage Car Bride Kiss Los Willows Wedding Photography
  199. Groom Cultural Tradition Fun Wedding Photography
  200. Bride Bouquet Toss Danger San Diego Wedding Photography
  201. Party Dance floor Fun San Diego Wedding Photography
  202. Red Black Cake Roses
  203. Bride Getting Ready Help Park Hyatt Aviara
  204. Vintage Train Bride Groom Kiss San Diego Wedding Photo
  205. Bride Military Gentleman Groom San Diego Wedding Photo
  206. Bride Getting Ready Veil Los Willows Wedding Photograph
  207. Bride Groom Married Fun San Diego Wedding Photography
  208. Romantic Break Bride Groom Kiss Darlington House
  209. Creative Wedding Ring Image San Diego Wedding Photograph
  210. Runaway Bride Groom Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Photography
  211. Bride Groomsmen Fun Party San Diego Wedding Photography
  212. Fun Goofy Bridal Party Los Willows Wedding Photography
  213. Bride Groom Antics Fun Party San Diego Wedding Photo
  214. Stunning Bride Makeup San Diego Wedding Photography
  215. Bride Groom Kiss Carnival Newport Beach Wedding Photo
  216. Bride Groom Ring Vows San Diego Wedding Photography
  217. Groom Ring Pillow Love Bows San Diego Wedding Photography
  218. Bride Bouquet Yellow Roses Los Willows Wedding Photo
  219. Happy Bride Flowers Los Willows Wedding Photography
  220. Retro Bride Groom Bouquet Pinup Wedding Photography
  221. Groom Groomsmen El Prado San Diego Wedding Photography
  222. Flowers Bridal Aisle Shot San Diego Wedding Photography
  223. Gorgeous Bride Car Grand Tradition Wedding Photography
  224. Goofy Groom Bridal Party Wedding Photography
  225. Bridal Party Getting Ready San Diego Wedding Photograph
  226. Parasol Bridge Bridal Los Willows Wedding Photography
  227. Red Bridal Parasol Los Willows Wedding Photography
  228. Wacky Original Groom SocksParty Los Willows Wedding Photo
  229. Waterfall Stunning Bride at The Crosby Photography
  230. Ceremony Rings I Do Vows San Diego Wedding Photography
  231. Romantic Chic Vintage Bride San Diego Wedding Photo
  232. Happy Bride Groom Together San Diego Wedding Photograph
  233. Bride Vibrant Bouquet Parasol San Diego Wedding Photo
  234. True Love in Black and White San Diego Photographer
  235. Bride Groom Entrance Los Willows Wedding Photography
  236. Superhero Groom Bride Los Willows Wedding Photography
  237. Sneaky Bride Black White Los Willows Wedding Photograph
  238. Adorable Bride Ring bearer Los Willows Wedding Photo
  239. Groom Excited Happy Los Willows Wedding Photography
  240. Romantic Bride Groom Orange County Wedding Photographer
  241. On Point Groom Groomsmen
  242. Fun Times SD Trolley Station San Diego Wedding Photo
  243. Bride Groom Romance Winery Temecula Wedding Photograph
  244. Jumping Joy Groomsmen Los Willows Wedding Photography
  245. Sweet Father Daughter Moment
  246. Candid Guest Teary Moment San Diego Wedding Photography
  247. Bride Groom Rings Garter
  248. Bride Dress Vintage Mirror San Diego Wedding Photograph
  249. Adorable Flower Girl Los Willows Wedding Photography
  250. Bridal Party Kiss Outdoors Los Willows Wedding Photo
  251. Superman and Bride
  252. Excited Retro Exit Los Willows Wedding Photography
  253. Tough Groom Groomsmen Reservoir Dogs
  254. Bride Groom India Bollywood Wedding Photography
  255. Traditional Ceremony Wedding Photography
  256. Bride Flowers Peeking Out Indian Wedding Photography
  257. BRide Father Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photography
  258. Boho Bride Headpiece San Diego Wedding Photo
  259. Beautiful Bride Bridesmaids San Diego Wedding Photo
  260. Groom Flowers Detail San Diego Wedding Photography
  261. Cute Selfie Bride Groom Los Willows Wedding Photography
  262. Happy Bride Getting Ready Los Willows Wedding Photo
  263. Classic Bride Bouquet Los Willows Wedding Photography
  264. Classic Vintage Boho Bride Twin Oaks
  265. Wacky Socks Groom Los Willows Wedding Photography
  266. Wedding Dress and Shoes with Mirror
  267. Bride Flower Girl Kiss Los Willows Wedding Photography
  268. Classic Vows Black White Los Willows Wedding Photography
  269. Chic Bride Bridesmaids Pearls San Diego Wedding Photo
  270. Vintage Flowers Bouquet Los Willows Wedding Photography
  271. Bride Groom Kiss Sunset San Diego Wedding Photography
  272. Bride Flower Girl Sweet Los Willows Wedding Photography
  273. Bride Bouquet Roses
  274. Sassy Bride Groom Field Point Loma Wedding Photography
  275. Bride shoes Gorgeous Dress San Diego Wedding Photograph
  276. Red Bridal Shoes Garter San Diego Wedding Photography
  277. Happy Groom Ceremony San Diego Wedding Photography
  278. Groom Groomsmen Balboa Roots San Diego Wedding Photo
  279. Groom Love Letter White Tuxedo San Diego
  280. Tearful First Dance Los Willows Wedding Photographer
  281. Groom Gives Rings to Ring Bearer
  282. Groom Takes a Bite of the Wedding Cake Los Willows
  283. Hyatt Aviara
  284. Shadowcatcher Los Willows Wedding Photography
  285. Grand Tradition Wedding Cake
  286. Queen Mary Bride Wedding Phone Booth
  287. Bride and Groom Coronado Beach Wedding Photographer
  288. Bride and Bridesmaids in Balboa Park
  289. Bernardo Winery Tractor Wedding Photographers
  290. Bride and Groom Skyline
  291. Outdoor Wedding Bride in a Swing
  292. Bride and Groom at the Pond, Paradise Point
  293. Retro Ring Bearer Cute Los Willows Wedding Photography
  294. Bride Going into St. Joseph's Church
  295. Large Groom's Party Jumping
  296. Bride and Dad Going to the Wedding Photo
  297. Bouquet Photo with Birdcage
  298. Bride and Father
  299. Vintage Travel Bride
  300. Bouquet and Shoes on a Rolls Royce
  301. Creative Bride Reflection at Los Willows
  302. Sage Burning Los Willows Wedding
  303. Bride Ring Exchange Silhouette San Diego Wedding Photo
  304. Pinup Wedding Bride and Groom
  305. Vintage Bride at a Train
  306. Los Willows Bride Pier Reflection
  307. Grand Tradition
  308. Los Willows
  309. Twin Oaks Gardens Wedding Photographer
  310. Twin Oaks Vintage Wedding Bride
  311. Groom and Groomsmen Los Willows Photographer
  312. Grand Tradition Sparkler Exit
  313. Grand Tradition Bride on the Bridge
  314. Indian Bride and Groom
  315. Beautiful Bride
  316. Bride and Groom in the Back Seat
  317. Groom's Party on Bicycles Reservoir Dogs
  318. Bride in Classic Car Temecula Wedding
  319. Groom and Groomsmen on Luggage Cart
  320. Bride in Spreckels Park Coronado
  321. Bride Shoes Getting in Car
  322. Bouquet
  323. Groom and Garter Headlight
  324. Artistic Cake Photo Grand Tradition
  325. Father Emotional Moment
  326. Sexy Bride Groom Exit Rolls San Diego Wedding Photo
  327. Navy Wedding Couple Naval Chapel
  328. Bride and Groom Outdoor Wedding
  329. Bride and Groom with Rolls Royce
  330. Rings and Invitation
  331. Soft Bride Portrait
  332. Ponte
  333. Happily Ever After Sign
  334. Outdoor Wedding
  335. Groomsmen and Beer
  336. Groom Watching Bride Down the Aisle
  337. Bride Getting Ready Helpers
  338. Outdoor Lake Wedding Bouquets!
  339. San Diego Wedding Photography Groomsmen
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San Diego Wedding Photographer

We are Shadowcatcher Imagery, a husband and wife San Diego wedding and engagement photography team. We also specialize in family photography, newborn photography, boudoir photography, corporate events, and professional head shots. Based in Escondido, California we are available for work throughout the Southern California area.

We began Shadowcatcher in 2004 and today in 2016 our photography business has brought many smiles and some great forever memories to our over 500 clients. A San Diego art critic has termed our photography as "Classic Style with a Cutting Edge". Our clients have described our photography as fun, innovative, artistic, timeless, creative and from the heart.

With a background in fine art photography we are fueled by emotion and what better than a wedding day to be immersed in to become a part of all the emotion and capture that through our lenses. We love to make our images unique by mixing our artistic style with our couples personalities to create images that are both artistic, one of a kind and a true reflection of who you are as a couple.

We have both shown our more artistic images in galleries throughout the San Diego and North County area and Heather was award with the impressive honor of two solo shows of her work at The San Diego Art Institute.

Couples have voted~ The Best Wedding Photographers

Shadowcatcher Imagery has been voted Best Wedding Photographer by popular wedding planning sites such as The Knot, and Wedding Wire. We are proud to share our glowing reviews by our clients on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Yelp. It's your most important day, don't trust capturing those moments with just anyone. From the moment you hire us to your grand exit we are by your side with our high end Nordstrom style of customer service! Not only are we always two photographers, but also have a highly trained assistant that not only takes behind the scenes images but is also there to help our brides with their wedding gowns, pinning boutonnieres, and gathering family members for photographs. It is almost like we come with a professional wedding coordinator just for you.

Since we began with our first wedding in 2004 our work has taken us to over 50o weddings all over San Diego, Escondido, Fallbrook, San Marcos, Vista, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Temecula, Orange County, La Jolla, Encinitas, and Del Mar to mention a few. We have had the pleasure of learning all about many different cultural weddings such as Indian Weddings, Chinese, Filipino, and Jewish marriage celebrations. We have captured beach weddings, church weddings, weddings on the ocean, at wineries. We are also known to be very LGBT wedding friendly and understand, and appreciate, the emotions of that special day. Our wedding adventures have brought us to many amazing locations!

Finding the perfect wedding photographer for you...

San Diego has hundreds of wedding photographers as we are sure you are just finding out. Finding the one that is the perfect fit for you can sometimes be overwhelming, and we are so happy that your search has brought you here to us. A wedding takes a lot of organizing, even the photography. Having a professional who has photographed a lot of weddings lets you relax, knowing everything possible is being done to make your day as perfect as it can be. A wedding photographer needs to be able to anticipate moments before they happen rather than react to them too late. They need to be able to adjust schedules to get all the hopes and wishes of the bride and groom covered without forgetting anything. We have put together a FAQ page to give you a little more information on how we do what we do, and hope that will be helpful to you.

Each wedding is unique, in fact every moment is unique. Reflecting that, we shoot every wedding using a variety of styles and techniques. At one point, we may be working hard to get candid images of you and your guests, at others, we may be formal portrait photographers, lending slight direction to get beautiful images. But at all times, we'll bring our artistic outlook to make your images all about the most important people of the day, you!

If, after looking through our galleries of work, you feel like we would be a good fit as your wedding photographers, we would love the opportunity to sit down with you at our Escondido studio to show you all of the things that make up our packages. That way, we can plan together what we can do to put together a package that not only fits your dreams but your budget as well.

Portrait and Family Photography

Portrait and family photography has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. While it used to be a formal grouping of individuals or just one person, today it has become more of what we call a lifestyle session. We style all of our our family and portrait sessions to capture the true feel of each grouping. Whether it is fun and playful, serious or themed we love to work with our clients to bring them amazing portraits that are timeless, creative and completely all about them. Because we have many years of experience working with children, families and individuals, we are highly skilled at making everyone from the most camera shy to the photo supermodel feel completely at ease during their session. We are available to do portrait and family sessions in our Escondido studio, or at any location of your choice. The beach is always a popular spot and we pride ourselves at being number one in capturing those perfect sunsets that are so popular in the San Diego area. If the beach is not your thing, we have many different spots that we can suggest that will be the perfect place for your session.

Boudoir Photography

In 2009 we found that our brides were looking for a trusted studio to do what we call "The Sexy Little Gift for your Groom" and that was the year Shadow Boudoir was born. Shadow Boudoir is run by an all female staff and is dedicated to bringing out the Supermodel in each and everyone of their clients. Through our expert posing techniques and fine retouching we work with our clients to create an album of stunning images that every bride is excited to give their groom on their wedding day. But don't let our words of brides and grooms and wedding day discourage you! Our clients also include women of all ages and walks of life. It may be for an anniversary, birthday or Valentines gift, or something special just for yourself. Whatever the occasion, a boudoir session builds confidence and gives every woman an incredible experience. At Shadow Boudoir, Heather is very well known for her work in Pinup photography. Her work is featured in the new book by Flo Publishing, "The Modern Pinup". If a boudoir session is in your thoughts, we would love to talk with you and work together to bring you a one of a kind experience, and some amazing images!

How to get in touch with us for bookings or consultations:

Please visit our contact page or call 760.533.6130 or send an email to info@shadowcatcherimagery.com

Our Business Hours:

We are available by appointment at our studio at 740 Metcalf Street, Suite 32 Escondido, Ca. 92025. 760.533.6130